Congratulations, you’re a new believer now what?  There are a few basic things that we can suggest that should keep you going in the right direction.  You are already moving along the path of discipleship and becoming a more devoted follower of Jesus, let’s keep up the momentum.

We are going to borrow from some of the basics of being a disciple and break it down this way.  We like to use these 5 things to reflect what a disciple does, Disciples KNOW, GROW, CONNECT, SERVE AND SHARE.  For new believers we will focus on Know, Grow and Connect and you can dive into serving and sharing as you feel more comfortable.

Get a Bible

The Bible, in my opinion, is the most important and influential book in the world, and you need one.  One thing to note there are several versions of the Bible out there, I use...

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Next Steps Belief Basics

Belief Basics

What are the basics of Christian Belief?

In finding Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, you have already started learning some of the basic beliefs, which are detailed on our Roman’s Road page....

Find A Church

This may be tough, we can’t recommend every church, we don’t know where you are in the world, and if you are brand new with only a little Bible knowledge it can be real tough.  We can give you some general guidelines to help...

Next Steps Find A Church

What About Baptism?

That is a bit difficult to do over the internet, as you may know, water and computers don mix.  This is also one of the reasons that finding a local Church is one of the first things that you need to do.  Most Churches offer baptism services and typically require it as part of becoming a member of the Church.  Here are a couple of quick thoughts on baptism and what it is etc.

Baptism is the public profession of your faith in Jesus, the outward expression of what Jesus did inside your heart.  It is a picture of the burial and resurrection of Jesus, and a picture of you "dying" to sin and being raised as a child of God.  Based on those ideas and several passages of scripture we believe that baptism should be done after you have accepted the gift of Salvation.  Based on the symbolic burial and resurrection and passages like Matthew 3:16 (KJV), we also believe that baptism should be done by being fully immersed in water.  

So once you find a local Church home speak to the Pastor or one of the other leaders in the Church and they can guide you further in the direction that you need to go.  

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