Make sure you don't miss the First step of being a Disciple.... Salvation

What You Will Find At Dicipleship Central


Yes, Love.  You will find out about God's love for us, but more importantly grow in your love towards God.  Our love for God is the central theme of true Discipleship.


Not only the hope found in salvation but the hope and positivity that comes from leading a meaningful fulfilling life, loving the God who loved you first.


There will be no denominational doctrines here, just truth from the Bible.  When speaking on matters that are opinions on topics from the Bible, it will be clearly stated as being an opinion.

The Basics

Clear and simple basics of salvation and discipleship.  After all, the core and great truths of our faith are really simple and straightforward. We are the ones who complicate them.

Growing Deeper

Much like a tree's roots grow deeper and wider as the tree grows, we too need to dig deeper as we grow as a disciple.  Ever growing in knowledge on our journey to be more Christlike.

Support and Community

In a fallen world we all have struggles and need help sometimes.  Via prayer request, social media etc. we will strive to provide ways that believers can connect and support each other.


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